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We offer the Eat to Compete® Program in a variety of resources designed to make it easier to deliver, apply and reinforce our learning objectives among your student athletes. Each resource is sold separately.

  • ITEM 102M, Eat To Compete® Reproducible Manual

    The manual includes 84 reproducible sports nutrition master handouts covering all 18 Eat to Compete® Topics. Click, "Our Program" for a complete list of the 18 topics / content included in the manual. 

    You also receive the licensing to photocopy and distribute the master handouts for your student-athletes and staff. The handouts provide a wealth of sports nutrition information for your team meetings, camps, and clinics.

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    • $99.95
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Item 100, Eat to Compete® Online Sports Nutrition Web Portal

All presentations, the manual and more available online!

Price: Call 610-766-1798 or email [email protected] for an individual, team, or school One-Year Subscription.

Eat To Compete Online Sports Nutrition Web Portal Subscription includes the following resources:

  • Online Sports Nutrition Presentations (18 topics presented through Articulate Presenter!).
  • Online Sports Nutrition Manual (18 topics/84 master handouts).
  • Online Weekly Sports Nutrition Tips / Meals.


  • Individual / Student Subscription: $39.95 / year.
  • Individual / Teacher - Educator's Subscription: $59.95.
  • Team Subscription: $149.95 / year (entire team roster...staff and athletes).
  • School Subscription: $395 / year (UNLIMITED USERS) ....Please contact us for any possible discounts being offered.