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We offer the Eat to Compete® Program in a variety of resources designed to make it easier to deliver, apply and reinforce our learning objectives among your student athletes. Each resource is sold separately.

ITEM 102M, Eat to Compete® Reproducible Manual

The manual includes 84 reproducible sports nutrition master handouts covering all 18 Eat to Compete® Topics. You receive the licensing to photocopy and distribute the master handouts for your student-athletes and staff. The handouts provide a wealth of sports nutrition information for your team meetings, camps, and clinics.

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ITEM 103, Eat to Compete® Sports Nutrition CD

All 18 topics in a PDF format for your PC (individual licensing / non-duplicating)

SOLD-OUT! This item has been discontinued. Please consider a subscription to the ETC Web Portal (Item 100) for an E-Copy of the ETC Sports Nutrition Manual. (plus more...)

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ITEM 105, Eat to Compete® DVD

Running time: 30:00 minutes

This DVD (Topics 1-4) covers the fundamentals of sports nutrition and its effects on athletic performance and overall health. It's a great tool for coaches and educators!!! The DVD is the next best thing to having a live sports nutrition presentation for your athletes and teams.

Price: $39.95

To Order ITEM 105 please email or call 610-766-1798. Major Credit Cards and Purchase Orders Accepted!

Topics Covered in the DVD include:

Topic #1, Fuel For The Athlete: Athletes can expect to learn how many calories they need each day to maintain ideal body weight, gain lean muscle mass, and lose body fat. This topic covers the role carbohydrate, protein and fat have on athletic performance, building and repairing, and over-all good health.

Topic #2, Pre-Exercise & Pre-Competition Meal Planning: Learn what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat before training and competitions. What and when to eat before ealy morning workouts.

Topic #3, Recovery Foods; Refueling The Muscles: Learn what, when, and how much food & fluids are needed immediately following exercise. Restore! Replace! Re-Fuel!

Topic #4, Fluid Replacements For The Athlete: Learn what, when, and how much fluids are needed before, during, and after training & competitions. Prevent dehydration and early fatigue!

ITEM 100, Eat to Compete® Online Web Portal

All presentations, the manual and more available online!

Price: Call 610-766-1798 or email for an individual, team, or school One-Year Subscription.

Eat To Compete Online Sports Nutrition Web Portal Subscription includes the following resources:

1. Online Sports Nutrition Presentations
2. Online Sports Nutrition Manual (18 topics/84 master handouts)
3. Online Weekly Sports Nutrition Tips / Meals
Individual / Student Subscription: $39.95 / year...Individual / Teacher - Educator's Subscription: $79.95

Team Subscription: $169.95 / year (entire team roster...staff and athletes)

School Subscription: $395 / year (UNLIMITED USERS) ....Please contact us for any possible discounts being offered.